For over 30 years, one of PIP's most cherished corporate values has been to deliver a "WOW experience" to our customers and valued distributor-partners. Crucial to this charge is understanding and anticipating the needs of our customers, and continuing to exceed expectations with a level of service that is second to none.

"Every day, we strive to be the BEST at processing your orders. We love hearing from our customers to ensure their needs are met in a timely and efficient manner. Call us about anything – we are here to help."

- Sheila Schalk, Director of Programmed Sales

Our Customer Service department is now divided into Two Centers of Excellence – Order Management and Customer Service. Branching our representatives into specialized roles has resulted in direct access to knowledgeable and skilled personnel to provide primary and backup service, exceptional response time to phone/email inquiries as well as guaranteeing seamless order processing and fulfillment – all to exceed our customers' expectations.

Watch the video to learn more about our teams and how we are working to best serve you.

Customer Service Team

Our team of highly experienced Customer Relationship Specialists dedicated to servicing our valued customers. This includes:

  • Resolution of any issues related to open orders, inventory, and price questions
  • Processing of sample requests
  • Facilitation of all other issues
  • Dedicated technical support team for questions including specifications, aplications, and cross references

Protective Industrial Products

Hand Protection and Safety Products - USA

Phone: (855) 284-6800

PIP Europe

Phone: +33 (0)2 51 50 19 80

PIP Canada

Personal Protective Equipment

Phone: (877) 446-3278

Worldwide Protective Products

Cut Resistant Products for Hand & Body

Phone: (877) 678-4568

PIP Mexico

Phone: 52 81 8372 1825

PIP Asia/Pacific

Phone: +(852) 2475 9228

Uniform Technology

Reusable Apparel for Contamination Control

Phone: (303) 774-7747

PIP Australia

Phone: +61 7 3268 6999

PIP China (Mainland)

Phone: +(86) 21 6317 0303

West Chester Protective Gear

Safety for the Retail Channel

Phone: (800) 647-1900

Order Management

Order Management is made up of several teams, which are completely dedicated to Order Processing. Specifically, this includes:

  • Order entry and confirmation
  • Facilitating electronic data interchange orders
  • Made-to-order items
  • Custom promotional product order processing

Place all orders to:
Custom Logo orders and inquiries:

Order Tracking

Distributors can view, track and even order more easily by using the MyPIP Customer Portal. The MyPIP Customer Portal uses an intuitive web interface to allow customers to view important order, invoicing and shipping information. This ensures real-time integrated information from our ERP, while presenting a higher level of customer experience. The self-service portal allows customers to bypass queues and get relevant information within a few clicks. No more waiting on return calls or emails. Enjoy getting the information you want, when you want it without experience any wait time.